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When you go for a prescription, ask your eye care professional about your prescription type. For example reading glasses are solely for the purpose of reading, trifocal are used for intermediary, distance and for near vision. Similarly single vision as the name suggests is used for either near vision or distance but not for both. Progressives lenses are used for near vision and distance both and have a fashionable appearance. Another type is bifocal; these like the progressive lenses are for distance and near vision both but have a middle line unlike progressive lenses. This type is least preferred as it is neither fashionable nor stylish.
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No matter what type of reading lens feature you choose to incorporate, do keep in mind that ALL BIFOCALS WORK ON THE SAME PRINCIPLE. The lower half is for reading and the upper half is for looking at distant things. Bifocals are very useful things; the best part about them is that practice, it gets better. You would soon get into the habit of reading and looking from different parts of the lens, and after a few months or so it will become instinctive.
Broad rims or even double bars on the side are very stylish. They come in various colors to compliment the skin tone and personal taste. Although they may be slightly heavy, titanium ones make them exceptionally light for wear. Younger people stick to plastic frames as they provide a wider range of designs.
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People suffering from Presbyopia mostly need correction of near vision, distances and the intermediary. If you happen to have a -4 diopter and given a +3 to resolve reading issues, you will end up with a power of -1 and need an intermediary rectification of -2.5 diopter. This is what correction refers to.
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The bifocal lens as Franklin used it, was actually divided into two parts, with a distinct border line between the two. These are still in use today, and are known by his name, as Franklin lenses, or as Executive lenses ("E" lenses). However, nowadays, 'progressive' lenses are available, where the line is invisible.
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Do you have a strong prescription or have a lot of astigmatism? In case that you have a case of severe nearsightedness and farsightedness, chances are you're not going to be helped by the trusty reading glasses. If you have a lot of astigmatism, don't bet on it too. If you don't, then chances are a pair of reading glasses would be just fine for you.
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You can protect your eyes if you are in our forties and fifties by seeing your eye doctor every two years. During these visits make sure that your doctor dilates your eyes. This gives your doctor the ability to test for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.
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Melkco is one of the top rated brands which sell handmade 100% genuine top grain leather cases for Apple iPad 2. Most of their models also double as a stand. So, you will not pay twice for the functionality. The cases are really stylish and suit the overall elegance of iPads. The stitches are correctly applied which make these cases even more durable.