Impacted Tooth

Impacted tooth is one that is not able to appear from the gums properly, for instance being a wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth usually makes it forms in a patient. It could get trapped on its way as it could be increasing at an angle and not vertically as it should perfectly carry out. Or it is also feasible that there is not much gap for it to press on in amidst other teeth. Dentists describe as a wisdom tooth the third molar.

Impacted tooth does not affect any ache, but when it seeks to press in; the layer of gum over it may puff up and can cause pain. Thus, that side of a patient's face and ear and teeth adjacent to the rising teeth also hurt. This condition can also cause infection pericoronitis ensuing from decaying bits of the food that get stuck in the flap. Impacted wisdom tooth can also cause problem to the adjacent molar by pressing on to it and thus moving the other teeth. This problem can also cause cavities and in rare cases it can also form cysts.

Symptoms of impacted tooth:

There are number of signs of causing impacted tooth such as trouble in jaw movement, swollen gums, bad mouth smell, pain during chewing or biting, sour sensation in the mouth and pain while opening and closing mouth. In this condition the pain is normally irregular and not continuous.

Preventive Measures:

Developing of cavities in a wisdom tooth can be treated by regular brushing and also by using of dental floss.

Treatment selections:

There are number of medicines are available for short-term relief. There is one of the best home remedy is to rinse your mouth with lukewarm water by adding a pinch of salt.

Impacted tooth has eventually to be removed. It is a very simple procedure, but if the tooth is developing in a curved angle the process may take just 30 minutes to complete.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon who takes care of the issues relating to impacted teeth. Local anesthesia and sedation is very important for the extraction to be done. The patient will have to avoid consuming anything for about 6-7 hours before surgery and also not to brush for one day after this procedure and take the suggested medicines for few days regularly.

You can consume mashed or soft food for couple of days is the only post-surgical safeguard that has to be taken. You can also observe swelling on the face, near where the tooth was extracted, it is usual.