Features of Plant grow T8 20w tube D-shape LED light

This is an era with the blossom of LED lights. Raising your head in your office, you would see the LED light. Walking in the street for taking a walk, you can see the colorful LED light by roadside. Now even for the vegetables, they can accompany with the grow LED light from LED grow light manufacturer China.


This innovation of LED grow light is now widely utilized for biology laboratory, vegetable factory, vertical farm, indoor plant tissue culture, seedling, leafy green growth. With the advantages of easy installation ,wide power AC85-265V, it is suitable for all country. As supplier of Led grow light waterproof 30W wholesale, no doubt that we can use this kind of LED grow light to give a better environment for the mature of the plants. Made by Aluminum Alloy 6063 and PC cover, this LED grow light would give your plants 20 x 1w high power LED, built-in 20w constant current power supply for the good growth.


Of course, for the led for plants price, we don’t consider this question anymore with the high development of technology.