Bifocal Reading Glasses

Before you order a pair of glasses online you should find out your Pupillary Distance first. You can measure it yourself but it's highly suggested that you contact the doctor or store you got your glasses from last and they will be able to tell you.
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Do not think of your prescription glasses as an aid for your sight only. The right kind of glasses can add to your personal style as well and make a fashion statement. So pick a type that compliments your personality.
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We discovered that even a small family could save on many items. Among them: books and magazines, jeans, and household goods such as toilet paper and trash bags. Although I have vision insurance to help pay for glasses and contact lenses, I found Costco prices for my glasses with progressive lenses even cheaper than what I would pay at the optometrist.
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The only problem I have had with America's Best eyewear is when they fit them to your face. After your glasses are ordered you need to go back to the store in about a week to have your glasses fitted on you properly. Take your time when you do this so you are sure that your child's glasses fit properly. Make sure that they can see well before you leave the store or you might be going back for a better fitting.
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Cons: The areas for seeing mid, far, and up close distances is markedly smaller than the bifocals. Patients complain that they have to move their head up and down a lot to see through them. They also have two noticeable lines going through the lens.
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Pros: Allow patients to see variations of different distances. This is a perfect solution for the patient who has a very active lifestyle and needs to be able to see things moderately well at a variety of ranges.
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