LT10006 Ceramic Filter Media-Biological Filter Media

Microporous ceramic aquarium filter media (microporous ceramic filter brick, filter plate, filter tube, filter arch) is by orthopedics (quartz, alumina, silicon carbide, etc.) blending a certain amount of adhesive, pore-forming agent, rare earth resist , After high temperature sintering into a variety of shapes, a variety of specifications, sintered into ceramics, in its body to form a lot of uniform size distribution, and interconnected bridge-like openings microporous channel, solid known as microporous ceramic. When the fluid from these tiny passage through the original water in the suspended impurities, colloidal particles, bacteria, macromolecules and other organic matter was retained by the filter, the fluid in the outer surface of the microporous channel to produce a variety of physical effects, to mechanical screening, purification Or diffusion, fluidization, adsorption retention and other effects.

The water ceramic filter media are made of high-class quartz powder, which will be stable in chemical character after high-temperature calcination. This quartz powder material is acid and alkali resistant, no impurity, and with high density to load more wastes in the water. The highly permeable porous structure (60~300μm)of Ceramic Filter Media provides large surface area for the colonization of beneficial bacteria, reduce ammonia and nitrite effectively. The chemically inert ceramic media provide ideal filter medium for use in freshwater and saltwater aquarium and ponds.

Item: LT10006 Ceramic Filter Media
The ball shape ceramic filter media suits for the bottom of the filter tank.
Highly porous structure, greater surface area.
Highly durable and easy cleaning biological filter media.