Sacred Sun FMJ Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid battery (VRLA), is a kind of electrode mainly made of lead and its oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution of the battery. Lead-acid battery discharge state, the main component of lead is lead, the main component of lead; charge state, the main components of the positive and negative are lead sulfate.

FMJ 12v lead acid battery Product Features
Rated Voltage:12V
Capacity range(C10): 65Ah~200Ah
Design floating Life: 10 years (25°C)
Number of cycles (25°C):20% DOD 2800; 50% DOD 800; 80% DOD 550
Can be used in deep/shallow cycle
Self-discharge rate:≤2% per Month
Operating temperature range: -20°C~55°C
Recommended equalizing charge voltage (25°C): 2.33V/cell
Max charge current: 0.2C10