Champions League - captain break dead door door gods touch Leicester City total score 3-2 promotion

2016-2017 season, the Champions League 1/8 knockout second round of a focus on the war, the Premiership giants Leicester City at home against Sevilla. The first half, Maileres positioning the ball assists Morgan to break the deadlock; the second half, Escudero long shot in the beam, Albreton shot to expand the score, Enzong Qi penalty was Schmeichel saved. Eventually, Leicester City 2-0 Lectra Sevilla, the total score of 3-2 Lectra Sevilla reached the quarterfinals.
4 minutes, Nasri restricted area on the right foot volley, was the other goalkeeper siege. The first 16 minutes, Nandi Tie Tuo Tuo Luo, Sevilla won the front free kick, Adil - Lamy kick shot directly, the ball higher than the beam. The first 20 minutes, Nasri because of malicious foul to eat a yellow card. The first 21 minutes, Okazaki Shinji in the restricted area by the other players down, but when the referee did not have any representation.

The first 27 minutes, Leicester City to get the restricted area on the left side of the free kick, Ma Laesi kick the ball to the door, after the point of the Morgan scored the ball, Leicester City 1-0. The first 31 minutes, Ben Yide to get the right foot volley, the ball wiped the edge of the network out. 43 minutes Madden 17 Coins, Caspar - Schumacher will be the ball long pass to the front, Valdi pass by the Mercado top, Valdi in the restricted area before the kick down the right foot to hit the door, the ball missed the right Side column.
The second half of the game, both sides easy battles. 53 minutes, Escudero in the restricted area long-range, hit the beam. The first 55 minutes, Okazaki Shinji side of the road back to grab, the front of the restricted area of ​​direct volley was blocked. 56 minutes, Mahmiral forty-five degrees in the pass, the restricted area Adil - Lamy ball out, Albredon ball after the left foot shot, the ball straight into the lower right corner of the goal, Leicester City 2 -0.
67 minutes, Maileres low ball spread to the door, Parea denied the ball, Waldie keep up with his left foot hit the door, the ball missed. The first 74 minutes, Nasri and Waldie clashed, the referee on each of the two produced a yellow card, Nasri two yellow one red to leave. The first 79 minutes, Bitoore broke into the restricted area was Schmeichel down, the referee penalty kick, En Zongqi penalty, but was Shu Meiqie Le denied. The end of the game, Leicester City 2-0 Lectra Sevilla, the total score of 3-2 Sevilla reached the quarterfinals.