Five Principles for Smarter Thinking and Investment

Five Principles for Smarter Thinking and Investment


As e2e has aimed for a wide ranging overview of issues in relation to the disengagement of young people from education, and youth unemployment, our report’s recommendations are based on five principles to guide future investment in the education, and transitions of young people.


Principle 1

Every young person, including those in the middle years, should have an opportunity to access education, and other related services they may need, to ensure that they can learn, develop and flourish.


Principle 2

Additional resources should be directed towards particular cohorts where outcomes are poor or where the risk factors for poor outcomes are high.


Principle 3

Investment should also focus on achieving improved outcomes including successful post-education transitions.


Principle 4

Young people themselves should be given a say in what they need.


Principle 5

Recognising the social and economic benefits of investing in young people, the responsibility for improved transitions and pathways can be shared by all.