Social Media And The Four Major Record Labels

EMI, Warner, Universal along with Sony get often seemed to lead the way inside regards to how songs is marketed and also that platforms function great for obtaining the artist's music towards the audiences, yet it absolutely was just inside the previous couple of a lengthy time which social media and the on the particular internet digital revolution has led approach pertaining to artists to adopt the lead inside the game. Nevertheless how would end up being the significant record labels coping inside the arena of social media? Tend To Be these people fully utilizing its capabilities, or just like many local marketing musicians could these people be nevertheless not fully convinced that social media is definitely an optimum platform with regard to music?

Well, your indicators reveal that the most likely tend to be convinced of its power (all four majors are active customers of Twitter and throughout addition operate frequently up for you to date blogs) but as the next statistics collected by simply the Musician's Guidebook shows, just one record label is actually truly utilizing Twitter well - EMI.

Twitter Followers

@Universal_Music are generally clearly in the lead along with 43,000 followers, although EMI are usually a considerable ways powering with just 4000 followers. However, this means nothing as amount of Twitter followers will not reflect interaction or even quality regarding these followers - regarding just about all we almost all know almost all 43,000 associated with Universal's followers could be bots or inactive Twitter accounts!

Number associated with retweets

Retweets are generally certainly one of your very best metrics upon Twitter for you to work out how much your current followers agree using or enjoy your tweets. Interestingly we discovered that EMI tend to be by way within the lead with an average of 24 retweets for each tweet! Notice what I suggest about high quality regarding followers now? :)

Number of clicks for each link

As well as becoming an excellent branding chance and also popularity management tool for your four main record labels, Twitter is also a way with regard to them to refer people to their site and the websites associated with their own artists. EMI are once again within the lead by getting an typical associated with 197 clicks for each link posted - that is much less negative once you contemplate they will only have just over 4000 friends!


Based about these three metrics I would argue that EMI are using Twitter probably your most effectively by method of a long shot - yet Twitter can be not just with regards to traffic, Retweets as well as followers, it's also about interaction along with popularity management - which are both locations that 4 major record labels could enhance on.

By: Marcus Any Taylor

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