Local Business Citations

Running a business is a rewarding and challenging experience. Having a solid product or service is longer enough. You have to have flawless customer service, effective marketing, proven sales technique and a stellar reputation.


Living in the Pittsburgh area, there is more than enough competition. In Allegheny County alone, there are close to 110,000 registered small business. That doesn't even start to add in the bigger corporations that provide a large amount of citizens with jobs.


With this much competition, how can you expect to stand out from the crowd?


Reputation and referrals.


These two principles are what sites like Yelp, Angie's List, and Yahoo Local are based on. Customers rate their experience with a particular company and submit it as a business citation to one of the above companies or one of many others. If you get too many bad reviews, chances are great you'll get many customers.


The way these sites work is quite simple. Imagine it as a Google search for businesses. If a customer is looking for a good Italian place to eat, they might search for “Pittsburgh Italian restaurant”. The site will list a variety of Italian restaurants based on a few factors such as location, average review score and relevance to what the customer is searching for.


We know that good reviews are important. Let's say you have a quality product or service. Your customers love you and tell their friends about you. This is a great start, but in a metro the size of Pittsburgh, sometimes you just need a little more.


Let's say you run an Italian restaurant. What if your restaurant was one of the first restaurants to show up whenever somebody search for “Pittsburgh Italian restaurant”. They see your delicious menu, your satisfied customers and your outstanding service. I can guarantee they would be storming your doors to see for themselves.


Sounds great, right? I have even better news. It's possible. You could multiply your customer base in just a couple weeks! How is it done? Creating and optimizing citations on these sites.


“What does that mean? Creating and optimizing citations?”


That's what we do here at Pittsburgh SEO Services. You could say it's our “salad and breadsticks”. We will help you create a profile as well as creating personalized business citations for your business that will help you get more customers to your website and ultimately to your business.


We make sure that most search engines find your business and put in a place for your potential customers to see. Whether they are searching on a desktop, mobile or tablet, you will be found by your customers.


No more endlessly tracking down potential customers. Have your customers come to you. We'll help get them to your business, you keep them coming back.


Give us a call today at 412-250-7965 or stop by our Coraopolis location at 822 Pennsylvania Avenue. We're here to help get your business on top. Don't delay the success of your business any longer.


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Author Name: Jon Crain