Huaneng centrifugal glass wool board to you

Refractory materials, mainly applied in iron and steel, nonferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics area, are essential materials from high temperature glass wool felt supplier China to ensure that the production and operation of the industry and essential technical development.


In the development of technology area, high temperature industrial production plays an irreplaceable important role. We should know that centrifugal glass wool felt is laid membrane to adapt to the needs of a large area made ​​, in addition to maintaining the characteristics of thermal insulation , but also has very excellent shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics. So it has a wide demand in high quality rock wool board wholesale. Especially for the low-frequency noise and vibration are a variety of good absorption effect, helps to reduce noise pollution, improve the working environment in the construction of this material can also be arbitrarily cut, mainly for the building interior, muffler systems, transport, refrigeration equipment, household appliances damping , sound absorption, noise reduction, achieved very good results .


There are glass wool carpets foil surface , but also has a strong thermal radiation, high temperature workshops, control room wall, and the flat top compartment lining material. So we can get the centrifugal glass wool board free shipping for our various areas’ application.