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I chose Toronto because it's less than two hours from my family, and I chose my school because it offers a Bachelor of Interior Design degree in three years instead of four. I finished up my first degree and started packing!What has been the most challenging part of moving to a new city? Any advice for Everygirls who find themselves trying to start over in a new area?The biggest challenge has been forming deep and meaningful friendships, especially since my school is so small.

Tell us a little about your internship experiences. How do you feel that interning helped you move forward in your professional career?Interning is the #1 most important thing that anyone can do to get started in their career. Lindsay: And remember to have fun. We often end our day with a glass of wine and chat about whatever celebrity gossip or new clothing item has our attention at the time.

What was the biggest challenge in decorating your home? How did you overcome that challenge?My small budget was the biggest challenge. Decorating my apartment would have been easy if I could buy anything I wanted! Honestly, I love the Golden Goose Sale challenge of decorating on a tight budget.

What do you feel you gain and what do you appreciate about working in a smaller gallery as opposed to a larger gallery?Both in terms of our staff and our physical size, we are a small operation. As such, I feel we are very nimble. Although I  color scheme of our living room, which is definitely lighter than he would have chosen. As a Golden Goose Sneakers balance, we decided to keep the bedroom furniture he had in New York/grad school (a bit more masculine), opted for simple bedding and chose a dark color for our accent wall.

1. The Drive,$24 unframed, $46 framed8" x 10" (shown above)2. If I had been experiencing all these things for the first time once I launched, I that consistently paid me a bi-weekly paycheck before I set out to work for myself full-time.

In what ways would you still like to see Vivaleur evolve?The company is so, so young, and after four months of working on my own, I still am getting in the groove of what this is really going to be like. As the sole employee of a company, you're responsible for everything, including generating new business, doing your own accounting, running errands, filing taxes, and of course, actually working on client projects! It's fantastic to see all the sides of the business, but I do hope that in two or three years I will have grown enough to hire an employee to assist with that kind of thing.