:O We R w(H)oman

:O We R w(H)oman

Hello Ladies,


Sorry men!! this is absolutely for ladies.

I am very much stressed of my married life.So want to express my heartfelt feelings with people who are of my kind.angel

Jus now I had a fight with my husband.Thats why I have stopped working and started to write this post.Oh!! I am sorry,havent introduced myself.I am a  victim of marriage as we all are.Im working in a small company which pays me 20k/month.Surprisingly I have 6 years and 7 months of experience but still earning 20k/m.No satisfaction in my work and my life.I know that definetely there will be many people like me around the world.So just wanted to share and raise my hand to say that I am the one among you.

We have nothing to do except waiting for good days.Remember to share your happiness too.