Paraphrase for Me: Online Tool vs Manual Rewriting

Paraphrase for Me: Online Tool vs Manual Rewriting

Paraphrasing refers to rewriting an article paragraph wise. Paraphrasing is one of the easiest ways to rewrite any article. The task of paraphrasing is not easy; you would require some skills to frame paragraphs. Also, it is a very time-consuming task as you need to rewrite the article in a way that it expresses the same meaning as it did before. Today, there are many tools available online which can paraphrase for me. Such tools can be really helpful while paraphrasing some academic articles. In this article, we will compare online paraphrasing tools and the option of manual rewriting. We will understand the upsides and downsides of both the options.

Online tools for paraphrasing

Several online tools can help you in easily rewriting an article. Online tools find synonyms of words and then rewrite the article by using them. In today’s world, content is the king and content creation is an art. Online paraphrasing tools are a boon to everybody out there who is making money by selling content. Some premium paraphrasing software performs some extensive exercises before rewriting an article so that the resulted article is not just duplicate but also conveys the same meaning.

Benefits of online paraphrasing tools

Premium online paraphrasing tools can be costly, but if you want some quality content then the price is worth spending. There are numerous benefits of online paraphrasing tools:

· Online tools can be used at any time because they are available 24 by 7.

· Paraphrasing tools can be used to paraphrase various types of articles including all publishable articles which are available on the internet, academic papers, non-academic papers and press release.

· Most of the paraphrasing tools are free of cost.

· Online paraphrasing tools can be used to break down complex sentences into simple and short sentences.

Disadvantages of online paraphrasing tools

Following are the disadvantages of using an online paraphrasing tool:

· Online paraphrasing tools are inaccurate and may not give satisfactory results.

· Using a paraphrasing tool for submitting academic essays can result in the lack of understanding of the topic.

· Good quality paraphrasing tools are expensive.

Rewriting manually

Using an online paraphrasing tool may sound appealing, but if you want to paraphrase an important document, then choosing an online paraphrasing tool for the process can be disastrous as online tools are not accurate and can render your document useless. In such cases, manual rewriting is always the best approach.

Benefits of manual rewriting

· Rewriting a paragraph manually ensure that the article will be accurate and will have the same essence as the original article.

· Manually rewriting an article does not hamper the quality of the content and does not deviate the thoughts which were to be expressed originally.

· Manual rewriting can be helpful during submitting an academic paper as an article submitted after getting it paraphrased from an online tool may not be considered as your original work.

Disadvantages of manual rewriting

Manual rewriting is not a good option always. Manually rewriting an article has following disadvantages.

· There can be spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes in the article.

· Manually rewriting an article is a time-consuming process and can cause a trouble for you if you are running tight on schedule.