Breast Implants - Big, Bigger, and Biggest

Breast implant sizing is a challenge for the doctor as well as the patient. Implant sizes affect each woman's body differently. It is difficult for the doctor to predict precisely whether a 350cc breast implant size will make you a C cup, for example, until they get into the surgery. A 350cc on you may very well look different than on your friend.

Another challenge has to do with a patient's reference to cup size. Women will often say, "I want to be a D cup", or "Make me a C cup". Many doctors will actually refuse to discuss cup size since there are many factors which cup size does not describe. Even more importantly, cup size is not standardized by the bra industry. One manufacturer's B cup, might be a another manufacturer's C cup. That makes it difficult for a doctor to say precisely what cup size you will be.

Due to these issues, many doctors shy away from specific discussion of sizing. Some will offer sizes in very general terms such as "Big", "Bigger", and "Biggest". They will not talk about cup size or breast implant size. They ask the patient instead to give them a description of those three sizes so they have a general idea of what the patient wants. From there, the doctor makes the choice.

Still other doctors will stay so far away from a discussion of breast implant size that they ask the patient to allow the doctor to make the choice. Like each of these perspectives, this too has advantages. Based upon the doctor's experience they feel they know what is proportional. Regardless of the value of this, most women want to have more input on the breast implant size decision than this.

Since many doctors have many different methods of breast implant sizing, it can be difficult as a patient to know how to communicate what you want. The best way to communicate your desired breast size goals is to show the doctor what you want to look like using . Showing the doctor on your own body what you want to look like is many times better than showing them in photos of other women's bodies. And it is far better than answering a vague question with a vague answer.

If you communicate what you want this way, it will be an answer to every doctor's approach in breast implant sizing.

Breast Implant Sizes

While breast augmentation statistics show women are overwhelmingly satisfied with the procedure after having gone through it, the most common reason for patient dissatisfaction is that patients feel they have chosen the wrong breast implant sizes []

Recent innovative techniques have included digital photo imaging to help patients see what they might look like with breast implants.

More importantly, breast implant sizers are now allowing women to physically experience what it is like to have breast implants of various sizes prior to the surgery. The experience of feeling the size of larger breasts on her body, go well beyond the typical visual exercise of looking at two-dimensional image