Horticulture Week Custodian Awards 2017: Ten to go to entry deadline!

The awards, now in their second year, recognise and celebrate the achievements of parks, gardens, grounds and tree management professionals, providing an exceptional opportunity for in-house teams toshowcase achievements, innovation and developments to stakeholders and visitors alike andreward teamsfor their work throughout the year.

They can be used as a powerful tool tosupport objectives, whether through raising the profile of a key project or simplyencouraging success.

In the second year of the awards potential entrants have even more categories from which to chose. In addition to highlighting the best teams, projects, and innovations, we have added awards forBest Heritage Park, Best Neighbourhood Park, Best Groundsand awards forBest Gardens or Arboretum(one-to-five and six-plus staff).

The Landscape Institute and the Professional Gardeners Guild have both thrown their weight behind the awards.

Landscape Institute president Merrick Denton-Thompson said: "The people who are managing our parks and open spaces are great unsung heroes and they very rarely get any recognition for the outstanding work they do in providing a vital resource that secures the health and safety of our communities."

While PGG chairman Tony Arnold said launching an awards scheme for gardens, grounds, parks and tree care professionals was long overdue.

"I think it shows an appreciation and respect for the people who look after and manage gardens and parks and so on. It shows an appreciation for what they do and it values the importance of them.

"Winning an award is hugely motivating for the team that wins. They are motivated by the fact that they are recognised and they have been appreciated by other people from that sector. The judging panel were all senior gardeners or horticulturalists from the industry, they are your peers, and its an appreciation so its highly motivating.

"Thepeople at the Custodian Awards last year were absolutely thrilled to bits, they all said what a great thing it was to have."

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Entries will be judged by a panel of independent specialists drawn from across the parks, gardens, grounds and tree management sectors, ensuring that the highest standards are met. The winners will be announcedat a special awards presentationa and reception on 28 June at Woburn Abbey, hosted byHorticulture Week.

We will publish a special awards report detailing all the winners projects and finalists in print and online at www.HorticultureWeek.co.uk reaching an audience of more than 80,000 visitors per month and share the good news with our 29,000 Twitter followers as well as other social media outlets.

For questions about the entry process, emailCustodian AwardsmanagerEmily Gough-Williamson [email protected] and for advice on which categories are most appropriate to you, or putting your entry together, emailSarah Cosgroveat[email protected]

For sponsorship enquiries, please contactRisn Kennedy call 020 8267 4953 or email[email protected].