Things You Did Not Know About Garage Doors

Things You Did Not Know About Garage Doors
It may surprise you, but it is true that your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. Therefore, we suggest that you understand your garage door better by knowing a few facts about how its features and usefulness has changed with time.

Here is a compilation of facts you need to know about Garage Doors in St. Louis.

1.    Your garage door can take up to six times more space than your main door and can take up to 30% of the frontal view of your home.

2.    The National Consumer Survey states that more than 70% of owners get into their homes using their garage door openers.

3.    A garage door can increase your home’s appraisal value by about 4% and 71% of homeowners replaced their garage doors thinking it will increase the value of their homes.

4.    According to the US Census Characteristics of New Housing, 23% of houses comprising of one family and built in 2014 had a garage with the capacity to accommodate three or more cars as compared to only 11% back in 1992.

5.    More than 90% of garage door manufacturers offer garage door design tools on their websites.

6.    During a natural calamity such as high winds, a home can often be destroyed starting with the garage door. Therefore, it is imperative to install a sturdy, well insulated and reinforced garage door.

7.    Never attempt to repair or install a garage door by yourself. Due to the high tension, it can be extremely fatal and lead to injury and even death. Should you need assistance from an expert? Contact the experienced Garage Door Repair Company in St. Louis.