VitaPulse protect cells from radicals damage

Today's main topic are anti-oxidants and we are also talking about Vitapulse, a supplement that supplements your diet with natural antioxidants in order to protect your cells from radicals, to slow down the aging process and to reduce the risk of health problems such as diabetes, cancer, cognitive impairment, circulatory or heart problems and more.

Can radicals really cause such awful health problems on their own? Well sometimes it is possible but most of the time it is a combination of radicals and other factors, an unhealthy lifestyle overall. We all have radicals in our bodies but not everyone has the same amounts because have different lifestyles. 

Someone that smokes has more radicals than someone that doesn't because cigarette smoke contains highly reactive oxygen molecules which produce free radicals in your body, adding to those that you already have. There are other factors, such as pollution and radiation which add even more.

Unless you stop this, radicals will keep being added to your body, causing oxidative stress and radical chain reactions and causing a lot of cellular damage and probably a severe health problem in the future because they kill cells, cause cancer cells, disrupt the normal functionability of the cellular function, affect glucose uptake and much more.

It is very important to not be exposed to such factors but if you are, what you can do is take antioxidants regularly into your body because antioxidants can negate the harmful effects of radicals and eliminate them.

What is a radical? What does it look like?

A radical is an electron that is found in an atom, it orbits around the atom like plants around the sun and it contains energy, usually they are found in pairs so two electrons not one, that is important for stability or balance but sometimes they become unpaired and fail to bond, these solo electrons are radicals and they become highly reactive and toxic, damaging nearby cells, atoms, molecules, fatty acids and more.

Some examples of antioxidants are Coenzyme Q10 made in your body or vitamin C found in vegetables and fruits and other foods. Nowadays we also have supplements like Vitapulse made by Princeton Nutrients that deliver powerful antioxidants, in the case of Vitapulse we have CoQ10, Pyrroloquinoline quinone and N-acetylcysteine. An antioxidant stops the oxidative damage of radicals by offering the unpaired electron an electron to bond with.

Most people know them as free radicals, some just as radicals and they are also refered to as oxidants because the damage that they cause is oxidative damage or they cause oxidation of cells, they attack our cells damaging them and causing them to "malfunction", affecting the functions of the cells, such as the mitochondrial function which is performed by the mitochondria, the one that produces energy for each cell, the ATP or adenosine triphosphate production. 

Now contrary to popular belief radicals or oxidants are not all bad, sometimes they are good but if you have too many of them they will cause a lot of cellular damage which can contribute to severe health problems like cancers, Alzheimer's, cognitive impairment, heart disorders, circulatory problems and much more.

Scientists are still not 100% certain if radicals cause these problems or they just contribute together with other factors but what is certain is that they cause damage especially if you have too many. According to science, the human body produces radicals naturally but what's worse is that there are enviromental factors like pollution or tabacco smoke which produce even more in your body, triggering chain reactions, possibly causing oxidative stress and health problems as a result of this.

Apparently your body makes these and it helps it fight viruses and microbes and your body also produces antioxidants naturally, such as the popular Coenzyme Q10 found in cells, in order to manage these radicals and to manage their damage and their numbers. Antioxidants are chemicals able to offer electrons to oxidants or radicals, pairing them together and neutralizing the radical.

Radicals or oxidants are just electrons that are unpaired, so now perhaps it makes more sense that if you pair them, they will stop being reactive and dangerous and toxic. Each person's metabolism makes radicals or oxidants and physical activity promotes more radicals but also more antioxidants, and the antioxidants are also found in vegetables, plants and other foods but also in supplements.