Outerra builders released an alpha tech-demo for engine identified as Anteworld (the title will come from the Latin prefix ante mortem, indicating prior to the time – “A planet that was”) which is a electronic replica of the world Earth at a scale 1: 1. the virtual planet can be explored in a totally free digital camera manner and in automobiles these as airplanes, boats and automobiles. It also has a very first manner individual walking. In the mirror planet of actual-planet knowledge was employed – ingame user can blend into a Google Maps built-in actual Earth that is synchronized with the current position of the digital camera. Due to the TorrentJeux fact June 2013 Anteworld gives support for Oculus Rift. In addition, objects built by the user these as houses and automobiles can be created and employed in the sandbox sport. Though tech-demo is totally free some options need an upgrade price of $ fifteen total version. A companion novel is loosely linked to the sport prepared by C. Shawn Smith is predicted as nicely.