Should you Hire SEO Consultants Sydney or Agencies?

Should you Hire SEO Consultants Sydney or Agencies?

Owning a website means you need SEO implemented. But managing your own SEO can be quite difficult since SEO is not just about keywords writing content. SEO is more in-depth and complex. But once you decided that you need to hire someone to do it, you are now faced with another dilemma, should hire SEO Consultants Sydney or an agency?

Before we go to who should you hire, let's learn the "why" of having SEO.

Today, if you are a business without a website you'll find yourself being eaten alive by businesses and companies that own a website and manages the social media. Why? Because being "online" means you are reaching a wider audience on your niche market. You can engage with your audience better, improve your online visibility and if your SEO is right, then you can increase not just your brand awareness but also become the "expert" in your niche market.


Now that we've said that, let's know who should you here.

Depending on your situation or your website, you can hire either an SEO consultant or hire an SEO agency. Both choices can be good for your business' website.  They both offer what you need to improve your overall search ranking and performance, However, the methods by which each operates, deliver services, and charge, what differentiates them.

SEO Consultants in Sydney

They are a group of highly skilled SEO consultants that offers a more specialised and holistic SEO services. They provide general advice, share techniques, and train you in specific SEO strategies. They offer more speciaised services depending on what you need.

·         “Customised consultations” that are tailored to fit your organization’s unique challenges or needs.

·         “Specialised training” for employees to ensure the future effectiveness of a strategy.

·         A “paper trail of expertise” as proof of a consultant’s expertise in the field.


You can hire them depending on what you need. You can hire them for hourly basis or indefinitely. Startups or developing business website can benefit more here.

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies offer more general digital services but also specialise in SEO. They tend to operate on a project-by-project basis and specialize in large or long-term projects.

·         Having a large SEO footprint in the industry

·         Demonstrating a diverse skillset when it comes to SEO tactics

·         Having a transparent method for tracking metrics


If your website is larger, let's say like an established company, an SEO agency is better.


Depending on the size of your website, both options will be beneficial. What makes them set apart from each is defined by the level of attention and resources your organization can devote to improving its organic performance in search engines.

If you need digital marketing also, an SEO agency is best but if you only need to improve your SEO then SEO Consultant Sydney is the best choice.