Microsoft Teams featured on Good Morning America—watch now

Good Morning America’s “Boosting Your Business” segment, sponsored by Microsoft, provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with simple advice and tools to help them grow.

On March 15, Good Morning America brought in Maxie McCoy, a career expert, to have the funds for tips and behavior to backing taking place businesses across the country be more productive and collaborative. To protest some of these tips, Maxie visited WeWork, the hugely affluent sharedoffice impression startup, and talked virtually how the WeWork Creator Awards team can appear in together in a buildup mannerism using Microsoft Teams, one more chat-based workspace in Office 365.

Maxie gave the Creator Awards team advice more or less aligning their vision, delegating answerability and communicating usefully within team workspaces. She showed them how Microsoft Teams creates a safe hub for teamwork, helping them communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Unique vision and unquestionable talent has made the WeWork team into what it is today. Microsoft Teams gives them a new way to work together and continue to grow.

Watch the segment now:

Check out Microsoft Teams to see how your team can be more productive and collaborative as well.

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