A profile of Bishop David oyedepo continued

A  profile of Bishop David oyedepo continued Bishop Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel Ministry Bishop Oyedepo date of birth record shows that the highly revered man of God, mostly referred to as papa th Church, popularly called Winners Chapel, is set to begin the construction of a 100,000-seat capacity auditorium. To be called: “Faith Theatre,” the auditorium will be located at the New Canaan City in Ota, Ogun State. The Presiding Bishop of the church, David Oyedepo, who made this known on Saturday at the Impartation Service of Shiloh 2015, with the theme: “From glory to glory.” Oyedepo said the new auditorium will provide various facilities like a 10,000-seater children church, a shopping mall and a rotating altar. Other facilities in the auditorium are audio/visual theatre, Dominion Bookstore, Mission Tower, prayer booth, baptistry, camping facilities, the Word of Faith Bible Institute and many more. The Presiding Bishop also said up to 160 nations hooked up to Shiloh 2015, with nationals from 55 nations present at the Canaan Land, Ota Ogun State. It could be recalled that Winners Chapel was the first 50,000-seat capacity auditorium worldwide. Known as the “Faith Tabernacle”, which is reputed to be the largest church auditorium in the world, the feat made the Guinness Book of Records. The 100,000-seat capacity auditorium will also be first of its kind in the whole world. Bishop Oyedepo takes time off his busy family and business schedules to write and publish several Christian literatures, and inspirational books through the Dominion Publishing House that was commissioned in December 1992. Some of the bestselling books published by the Bishop include; anointing for exploits, winning invisible battles, Pillars of destiny, Excellency of wisdom, Born to win, The healing balm, Walking in Dominion, Breaking the curses of life, and Manifestation of the spirits of God. The Biography of Bishop David Oyedepo is not complete without mentioning his marriage to his wife Florence Abiola Akano {now referred to as Mummy Faith }; and his four kids- David Jr, Love, Joys, and Isaac. David Jr and Isaac are ordained Bishop Oyedepo children pastors, the two young pastors were ordained by world renowned evangelist- Kenneth Copeland in May 2007. Covenant University, owned by winners chapel is the first private University in Nigeria; it remains one of the best in the country and has remained a standard for all other licensed private institutions in Nigeria today.