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Goflight MC Pro attributes a Boeing 737-style MCP panel

The Goflight MC Pro features a Boeing 737-style MCP panel with full functions. The GF-MCP Pro is also compatible with constructed-in FS2004 and FSX aircraft as an enhanced autopilot.

Note that the the behavior of particular autopilot functions will differ based upon the flight simulator software being used, and whether or not you are read more flying built-in vs. add-on aircraft packages for products such as Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Aside from this, the GoFlight Pro represents an superb piece of hardware that does exactly what it is supposed to do. All of its knobs and person manage elements serve to give the user an extremely correct sense of touch and feel.

The GF-MCP PRO is a plug-and-play device that connects to a regular USB port or hub.

When utilized with FS2004 and FSX add-on software program such as Project Magenta, the GF-MCP Pro enables full simulation of a Boeing 737 MCP.

Any and all of you who already personal a GoFlight MCP Pro hardware module can now enjoy full compatibility with the PMDG product line for FS2004. The MCP Pro is developed to closely resemble the look and function of the Boeing 737NG aircraft MCP (Mode Control Panel) in colour, control layout, and dimensions.

Several add-on aircraft packages are accessible for Microsoft Flight Simulator that offer a a lot fuller simulation of these sophisticated aircraft autopilot systems, and allow high fidelity use of most, if not all, MCP Pro controls. This MCP is clearly going to be a great option for those virtual pilots who prefer to fly any kind of commercial airliner jet more than small civilian ones. If the controls are adjusted on the ProSim MCP screen using the mouse, the digits are properly displayed on each the ProSim MCP and on the GoFlight MCP.

The simulator runs on five computer systems with FSX as the platform and using a Pro Sim 737 aircraft. The GF-MCP Pro is also compatible with built-in FS2004 and FSX aircraft as an enhanced autopilot.

Older threads in forums talk about the QW 757 and issues with the GoFlight MCP Pro. Some websites mention the GF-MCP Pro featuring a Boeing 737-style panel with complete control complement enabling complete simulation of a Boeing 737 MCP. Once more it is excellent with the GoFlight MCP rather of using the virtual MCP. It truly provides an impressive realism - awesome.