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cold doesn't exist." He grinned a bit, the board floating nearby for extra security. "No, I mean the beautiful part. She was generally one for reflection, but now as she sat here- like other times recently, she played over their relationship- or whatever the hell it was- in her mind. Her hand went to his chest, her eyes remaining closed for a second before they finally opened to focus on him. "I'm not too nervous, I just worry about getting my face smashed in again." (NT) -- Trav, 07:55:19 04/14/05 Thu She nipped at his neck and grinned a little, pulling her head up and shaking it a little, her hear falling around her pretty face like a curtain. "Well what do you want? What do you buy for the girl who has everything?" (NT) -- Travis, 08:26:36 04/14/05 Thu She smirked a little bit, pressing a light kiss to his lips "I'll just wait and see what you can come up with is all." she grinned a little, tucking her hair that wasn't being played with back behind her ear "You should let me stay over some time." (NT) -- Bella, 08:31:34 04/14/05 Thu [Archives: 1,2,3,4] [ VoyUserLogin ] Not required to post. (NT) -- Adam, 11:15:01 06/17/05 Fri "Well, you weren't very nice to me. She swallowed a touch, drawing back from the closed mouth kiss before she spoke, her voice a murmur. She was more vunerable now than she had ever been with anyone before, and she felt terrified of rejection and humiliated for her tears. "I get impatient for surprises, you know that too." he grinned gently, tugging on her hair playfully. [ VoyUser Login optional ] [ContactForumAdmin ] [Mainindex ] [ Postanewmessage ] [ Search Checkupdatetime ]. Date Posted:. of course I did." And he had. I don't mind doing something, but I really don't feel like going out somewhere that I have to shower and change and all that." (NT) -- Nat, 10:05:36 06/17/05 Fri "Well, we could bring on tonight a little quicker." He murmured with a grin, tickeling her sides playfully. never been in this position before.

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