Why is Fiji a Top Destination for Property Buyers?

Why is Fiji a Top Destination for Property Buyers?

Are you looking for a property in South Pacific region? If yes, Fiji may be an ideal option for you. The island country has become a favourite place for owning properties by foreigners from different nations. There is no place on earth with such serenity, natural sceneries, and landscapes. People fall in love with the natural landscapes at the first glimpse of the country. That is why people decide to buy properties after visiting the country once in the holiday. You won’t regret the decision of purchasing properties in the beautiful country. It is because the country has everything that you wanted in your dream vacation. But, it is necessary for foreigners to follow the guidelines of Fijian parliament to avoid legal issues later.


Essential Facts about Fiji Real Estate Industry


The real estate industry of Fiji is growing at a rapid pace after the end of political turmoil. The Fiji Parliament has made new guidelines and rules to curb corruption in the country. In fact, the stringent rules have increased transparency of transactions in the sector. It is mandatory to hire an authorised real estate agency to offer help in searching and buying process. A temporary residence visa or work permit is necessary for foreigners to buy a home from Fiji property sales. Owning of property from the city areas is banned for foreigners as these are reserved for natives. It is necessary to find freehold lands or properties built on this land to avoid legal issues later.


Buy Beautiful Homes in Fiji


The rate of buying property is low as compared to other countries around the globe. But the rate of processing the transaction is slow taking 6-8 months to get the title deed. You can find the villa, resort, lands, islands, beachfront homes, and other properties. The foreigners can buy the property based on the budget and requirement. Find Fiji resort homes equipped with modern facilities necessary for a modern living in the island country. Above all, the properties are priced at an attractive price for buyers. Contact our real estate agency to get help in buying properties quickly.