4 maintenance tips you should keep in mind for security cameras

4 maintenance tips you should keep in mind for security cameras

To receive optimal performance from surveillance cameras installed at your house, regular maintenance is necessary. Small maintenance works in regular interval, helps to identify issues with these cameras at early stage and it, in turn, protects your investment. Here, the top facts that users of surveillance cameras in Chicago often overlook during regular maintenance works, are listed. Check these out to get the best performance from cameras installed at home.

Check the landscaping:


The cameras that are installed in outdoors, are found more vulnerable to damages. Thus, start the maintenance work by checking health of these outdoor cameras. At first, take a look at these systems and review whether each of these cameras are having a clear view. If you have installed cameras near lawn or garden, make sure that bushes are trimmed. If you think, there is any obstruction which is preventing the camera from capturing images, remove it immediately. The elements like wasp nest should also be removed from the areas where cameras are installed.


Keep the lenses clean regularly:


For both outdoor and indoor cameras, keeping the lenses clean is mandatory. The clarity of lenses is usually affected due to water spots, stains and smudges. Check whether these are present on your camera lens. If you have installed a high resolution system, presence of dirt can affect the image quality to great extent. 

If debris or dirt is found on lens, expert's dealing with security camera in Chicago, recommend to remove it with a can of compressed air. For removing stains from cameras, you should use a microfiber cloth. Be gentle while wiping out the stains so that the lens is not get scratched or damaged in any other way.


Check housing of the camera:


This is especially important for the cameras installed at outdoors. These cameras encounter the temperature fluctuations, rain and snowfall. As a result, the chances of getting damaged is high for these cameras. But, such damages can be controlled to great extent when you start using waterproof housings. At the time of maintenance, check if the housing can still protect the camera from weather effects. If any defect is identified at the enclosure, fix it immediately. As per the security system expert's, replacement will be the best solution for worn out enclosures.


The outdoor security cameras are often damaged by hitting or any other shock. For prevention of these damages, many users of surveillance cameras in Chicago use special housings that can prevent damages caused by hitting. For ensuring longer life for CCTVs installed at your home, you too can bring such enclosures to home.


Recheck the cabling:

In many houses of Chicago, the wired security system are still being used. If the wired systems are installed at your house, pay special attention to the cables during regular maintenance. Replace the wires that became too old and worn out. If any part of the wire is left exposed, seal it. If possible, you can remove it too.


The professionals dealing with security camera in Chicago, also state to check recording devices and remove dirt from these regularly to avoid major issues later.