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ethmoid bone anatomy pdf free


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Ethmoid Bone Anatomy Pdf Free



153 Lateral wall of nasal cavity, showing ethmoid bone in position. One, the pterion ossicle, sometimes exists between the sphenoidal angle of the parietal and the great wing of the sphenoid. The surfaces of the plate are smooth, except above, where numerous grooves and canals are seen; these lead from the medial foramina on the cribriform plate and lodge filaments of the olfactory nerves.3 The Labyrinth or Lateral Mass (labyrinthus ethmoidalis) consists of a number of thin-walled cellular cavities, the ethmoidal cells, arranged in three groups, anterior, middle, and posterior, and interposed between two vertical plates of bone; the lateral plate forms part of the orbit, the medial, part of the corresponding nasal cavity. A curved lamina, the uncinate process, projects downward and backward from this part of the labyrinth; it forms a small part of the medial wall of the maxillary sinus, and articulates with the ethmoidal process of the inferior nasal concha.6 The medial surface of the labyrinth (Fig. Osteology > 5a.


Lateral to this fissure is a notch or foramen which transmits the nasociliary nerve; from this notch a groove extends backward to the anterior ethmoidal foramen.2 FIG. The cribriform plate is ossified partly from the perpendicular plate and partly from the labyrinths. Subdiviziuni Achiziii publice Audit intern Biblioteca tiinific Medical Comunicare i relaii publice Resurse umane Departamentul juridic Tehnologia informaiei i comunicaiilor . Reference > Anatomy of the Human Body > II. Yeats, W.B.


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