Avatamsaka Sutra Cleary Pdf Free

avatamsaka sutra cleary pdf free


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Avatamsaka Sutra Cleary Pdf Free



Sentient Beings are shrouded in Darkness, sunk in eternal night; Buddha preaches truth for them, bringing the dawn. If they see a spring, they should wish that all beings' skill in means increases and their good roots be inexhaustible. The celestial king Ocean Of Pure Adornments found the door of liberation, causing vision of Buddha whenever brought to mind. The herb spirit Pure Light found the door of liberation able to annihilate the afflictions of all sentient beings by pure techniques. Seeing people wearing ornaments, they should wish that all beings be adorned with a Buddha's Thirty-two marks of distinction. The Enlightening Being Undefiled Treasury of Light of Oceans of Cloudlike Sounds found the door of liberation in every instant of awareness entering into the various distinctions of all objective realms. The Celestial King Delightful Great Knowledge found the door of liberation by going everywhere in the ten directions to preach the truth, yet without moving and without relying on anything. Spiritual Powers appear responsibly like reflections of a Light; The Wheel of Teaching in reality is like space, Being thus in the world for incalculable eons: This is realized by the Beneficent King. When washing the hands with water, they should wish that all beings have pure clean hands to receive and hold Buddha's teaching.


All virtuous activities in the world' Come from the Buddha's Light; The Ocean of Buddhas wisdom is immeasurable: Such is the liberation of Materially Rich Recall the countless eons of the past When the Buddha cultivated the ten powers, Able to fulfill all the powers: This is comprehended by High-Banner. Furthermore, the Kumbanda King Increase found the door of liberation of the power to eliminate all maliciousness. Buddhas throne displays magnificent forms; Instant to instant their colors and types each differ. The Asura King Great Following found the door of Liberation of self adornment by cultivation of all ascetic practices. Sentient beings are bound and covered by habitual delusion Conceited, careless, their minds run wild. When entering a hall, they should wish that all beings ascent to the unexcelled sanctuary, and rest there secure, unshakable. As to expedient devices employed by a good knowing advisor, do not find faults. Banks of precious stones are the flowers, Reflections shining like patterned clouds; The encircling trees perfume all around: The enlightenment sites adorned everywhere.


The space spirit Unhindered Light Flames found the door of liberation of the light of great compassion rescuing all sentient beings from danger. The Buddhas Wisdom is boundless -- It has no equal in the world, it has no attachment; Compassionately responding to beings, it manifests everywhere: Great Fame has realized this path. "There is the Door of Causing all Beings to be Mindful of the Buddha whereby one accords with what pleases living beings' minds and causes them to obtain purity from seeing the Buddhas . The deity Sovereign Monarch Of Constellations found the door of liberation showing all things to be illusory and like empty space, formless and without inherent nature. The Day Spirit Majestic Power of Great Compassion found the door of Liberation saving all sentient beings and making them peaceful and happy.

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