Infineon IGBT Market Distributors - FZ900R12KF5 for Solar Energy Power Converter & Wind Turbine

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Infineon Technologies AG (formerly Eupec) FZ900R12KF5 is a perfect booster for your wind turbines and solar panels.


Increase the power of your wind and solar converters with this super IGBT transistor module. With a light weight of only 4.41 lbs, FZ900R12KF5 can generate power of up to 1200V or 900A. With high power switching capability, your solar panels and wind turbines will function better than ever!


FZ900R12KF5 is equipped with the Emitter Controlled Diode, an advanced technology from Infineon to reduce turn-on losses with soft recovery. This IGBT transistor module can even function on places with high temperature due to its low saturation voltage.


FZ900R12KF5 also features low total power dissipation, minimized internal stray inductance and better FWD characteristic to strengthen the power of every wind turbine and solar panel.


Reliability, efficiency and optimal electric performance - these are what FZ900R12KF5 can guarantee you.


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