Prophetic Blessings from pastor Mrs faith Abiola oyedepo

Prophetic Blessings from pastor Mrs faith Abiola oyedepo Just like David, you shall be remembered for favour and promotion in Jesus’ name! No matter how dry any aspect of your life is, God will lead you to your fruitful field in Jesus’ name! I don’t care what you look like now, but you will start flying in high places of the earth! By the anointing, your name will answer for favour in strange places! The things effort cannot get you in years, I see the power of light bringing them your way! I don’t know the doors that have been shut against you, but today, those doors will open in your favour! Every door you’ve been struggling to open will open on their own accord in Jesus’ name! From today, I decree that your spiritual life will never go down in Jesus’ name! While others are going through financial pressure, you shall be experiencing financial pleasure in Jesus’ name! By the anointing, your level will be changing like a dream of the night! What you are least qualified for will be handed over to you! You will hear news of open doors this week in Jesus’ name! By the anointing, every dying or dead organ in your body bounces back to life in Jesus’ name! This year, God will re-write your story! This is your week of open doors! The truth is, no one in active partnership with Jesus ever remains stranded in life−that is my secret. Jesus has kept me going for the past 48 years, He will keep you going in your Christian journey! Jesus is Lord!