What Are Colored Gemstones And How To Select Them?

What Are Colored Gemstones And How To Select Them?

Most Gemstones are nothing but forms of minerals found deep within the earth’s surface. The three characteristics which make them special are beautiful, rarity and durability.In the case of colored gemstones, the “ color “ forms the most important factor in a stone’s beauty. Thus the most popular gems are, in fact, known mostly by their color. The fiery red of the ruby, refreshing green of the emerald, for example.

There are many gemstones available in each hue of nature. The prices for each of the gem varieties are affected by rarity, durability and popularity. You can find a colored gemstone to fit any budget.

Red, blue, green and yellow to lilac, magenta, saffron and teal; countless colors that mesmerize the human eye. They become even more irresistible when captured in timeless colored gemstones.

For centuries,colored gemstones have been used to express love , passion and power.From royalties to celebrities to commoners , few are left untouched by the dramatic radiant appeal of colored gemstones.

How to Select Them?

The value of colored stones is determined by its Color. While buying a colored gemstone,it is important to check its color under different light conditions. For example: Blue Sapphires look best in an office fluorescent light, while rubies look better under the ordinary household light.

While shopping for gemstones, ensure you also examine the Cut of the stone. The cut and shape of the gemstone strongly influence its value. Each gemstone has its peculiar shape.

Colored Stones are sold by weight, not by size. The measurement used is the Carat, which is one fifth of a gram. Some gems rarely occur in large sizes. Among these are emerald, ruby, sapphire, Tsavorite garnet, alexandrite and spinel. For these gems, you can expect to pay much more per carat for a larger stone than you would for a small one.

Clarity is also a factor that influences value.Colored Stones with fewer inclusions (not visible to the naked eye) are more valuable. However inclusions and blemishes help determine the authenticity of the gemstones.