Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic Chronograph H77616333 Men's Watch: The Average Doesn’t Compare!

Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic Chronograph H77616333 Men's WatchWhile a lot of people might shrink from owning the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic Chronograph H77616333 Men's Watch thinking possibly what grand purpose it’s going to serve with its drift-angle calculator in an urban life, but hey, flyers with private airplanes don’t live in the wilderness! No, it’s certainly not meant for the average 9-to-5 kinda bollocks; you need to be somewhat technically oriented to appreciate the first of a kind in the history of watch wearing.

The Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic Chronograph H77616333 Men's Watch has no competitor! Does that appear too much of a claim? Surely, unless you are furnished with the fact that it’s the first watch to come with a drift-angle calculator and that’s enough to make the flying men rejoice. The D-A-C allows accurately calculating and recording the speed of the wind blowing across the path of an aircraft. Even if you got your journey planned well, this little piece of instrument shall help you to stay alert about the whims of Mother Nature. All the more, when you’ll also lack a co-pilot!

No, not just due to the DAC; take a look at the chronograph and you will understand why. Besides that stylish, rugged look to turn heads, it’s the accuracy and flawless functioning of the Hamilton Khaki ETO Chronograph H77616333 Men's Watch that will blow your mind! Nevertheless, it will ensure a smooth flight.

With the kind of reputation that accompanies Hamilton, it is useless to go about telling its greatness and significance in the watch world. Full of value and functional to the core, the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic Chronograph H77616333 Men's Watch is also full of fun and the rare combination of all these aspects makes the X-Wind a very interesting, very different pilots’ chronograph.

Powered by the H-21 movement (a modified Valjoux 7750) and featuring three screw-down crowns and a total of 60 hours power reserve, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph H77616333 Men's Watch is a piece that allows making quick calculations at the flick of fingers, which is crucial when you are airborne; especially when you are drifting laterally due to the crosswinds. It is easier and takes less time than with a standard pilot's E6B scale. That proves one thing: A lot of thought has gone into the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind, which is really going to impress the pilots.

And as for the non-pilots, they will be impressed with its build quality, the great workhorse of a movement and the chrono-functionality, even if we do not bring the details under discussion, especially, the Hamilton-signature engraved on the winding rotor and the sapphire crystal. But let’s not stretch things any further; let’s say instead it’s hard to find a wristwatch packed with so many surprises well under the $2000 mark!