A Beginner's Guide To Getting Planning Permission For House Extensions London

A Beginner

Planning house extensions can be a truly exciting experience for a property owner.  The idea that the dwelling place will be extended and, thus, improved can add enthusiasm to pursue the endeavour.  Unfortunately, there are various legalities that need to be taken into account before any housing improvements can be performed.  This article will discuss the issue of planning permission and provide information on how to go about obtaining permission for house extensions London.

One of the first facts to note when planning for house extension London permission is that all permissions are based on a case-to-case situation.  Having said this, it is essential for the property owner to note that not all extension plans will require permission documentation.  If a permit, however, is required the property owner needs to follow specific guidelines to ensure the matter is resolved easily and quickly.  If the plan falls outside of these guidelines, there is a great chance that the permission will be denied.

In the commencement of house extensions London, planning should typically revolve around the principle that the extension should not exceed more than 50% of the land area.  Furthermore, the height of the extension planned should not exceed the existing roof limit of the property placed on the land.  If modifications are required for the current roof plan, it may be possible that permission is required for the modifications.

In the situation where a planned house extension London is to be completed facing the motorway, separate planning permits will be required.  This can be obtained through an independent application, but it is recommended that you utilise the services of a professional contractor to ensure all details are reviewed.  Motorway-facing modifications present with additional legalities that may not be accessible online and could require detailed knowledge of the industry.


When pursuing extension endeavours, it is important that you consider the building materials to be used.  The resources will be unique to each project, and every property owner needs to purchase materials according to their plans and preferences.  Of course, those who want to avoid acquiring permissions should consider using materials constructed in similar appearances as the original house.

As appearance matters when organising planning permits, it is important to note that location plays a large role when making permit application.  Rules are known to vary dependent on the location of the house, and this must be considered.  For example, properties in Wales have different guidelines for planning permission application as compared to properties in London.  It is recommended that you review the guidelines for extension plans as details may influence the acceptance or rejection of the permits. If you would like Proficiency to take care of your house extension project contact us.