How Is The Liposuction Procedure Done?

Dr. Su has brought together the latest and most advanced technologies and equipment to provide his patients with the best liposculpture results possible. Your medical history will be reviewed to ensure you are a healthy candidate for surgery. Liposuction surgery has made tremendous strides since its inception, such as being able to perform the procedure in an outpatient operation center rather than a hospital.

Dr. Harrington may ask you to wear a post-surgical compression garment during the initial stage of your recovery to help minimize swelling. Patients who suffer from serious medical conditions or who take certain medications may not be good candidates for liposuction.

For the first several days after a liposuction procedure, the patient is advised to wear a compression garment. A Liposuction doctor or surgeon is more popular in cosmetic procedures rather than medical ones. Generally, a doctor will assess a teenager's emotional maturity and self-esteem before agreeing to perform liposuction.

As after every surgery there is some discomfort and numbness, so it is in liposuction surgeries. Of course, to avoid these ill effects in the first place, you should take extreme care when you are choosing your liposuction surgeon. You should also seek out a cosmetic surgeon who has hospital privileges - even if he or she performs liposuction in an outpatient surgical center.

Although it does carry some risks, traditional liposuction is very effective in taking out fat, and it is still one of the most popular forms of the procedure. Since the first description by Jeffrey Klein, dermatologic surgeons have made significant contributions in this field, and tumescent liposuction using microcannuale under local anaesthesia, is regarded as safe and effective.

Surgical compression garments are worn for 4-6 weeks after liposuction until the swelling resolves. Liposuction process can be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon, who can guide you properly regarding the course of action which you should take. a fantastic read The loss of superficial skin sensitivity following liposuction surgery in an entirely variable one from patient to patient.

Regardless of the type of liposuction performed, you can expect mild to moderate bruising and swelling, and most doctors recommend that patients wear compression garments for anywhere from a few days up to two weeks. The tumescent fluid present in the body absorbs this liquid fat, forming an emulsion, which is then sucked through the hollow canula.

Our Manhattan clinic's liposuction process is performed under general anesthesia, and medical sedation. Although there are limitations to how much fat can be removed (usually up to three litres), liposuction will not tighten any loose skin that may result from the procedure.

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