Online Video Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play the guitar with Online Video Guitar Lessons at Our lesson curriculum is the easiest way to learn how to play the guitar with 24/7 access and the lowest price around. Learn note-for-note songs by your favorite artists like The Beatles, Elvis, CCR, Waylon, Florida Georgia Line, KISS and more!

Our Guitar Fundamental Series is geared toward the absolute beginner, with a comprehensive, easy to follow method of taking you from zero to hero with 3 levels of advancement. The main problem that most beginners have when trying to take lessons is a lack of structure. At, we’ll systematically take you from the basics like learning how to tune and hold your guitar all the way up to understanding how to build a chord and use it in a playable situation where you can actually begin to make music.

In a brick and mortar location, once your time is up, there’s not way to ask questions. That’s why we encourage you to send your questions directly to us, and we will answer them as soon as we receive them--that gives you instant access to your instructor 24/7 and guarantees that you won’t feel like your on this journey by yourself, because you aren’t.

Regardless of your skill level, there’s something for everyone in the Guitar Fundamentals Beginning Guitar Course. And at, that’s what it’s all about.

Let’s face it guys, we all know guitar players who might know a ton of riffs, but they don’t truly understand the theory behind why what they play makes sense. That’s why we place a major emphasis on learning the fretboard the right way. Our Guitar Fundamental and Rock Block lessons lay the framework for everything that you need to know in order to really unlock the secrets of music. When you spend time in the Scale Depot, our scale resource center, and the Chord Bank, which is where you can learn all of the chords necessary to play and compose modern music, you begin to see the relationship between notes, chords and scale patterns that you’ve learned. And to us, that’s of the utmost importance.

At, each lesson is designed to edge you towards a complete understanding of the fretboard of the guitar--and that’s what is going to help to separate you from all other guitar players--you will be armed with the knowledge of how the guitar neck unfolds to give you that competitive edge you need when learning not only the course material, but learning songs, solos, chords and licks.

Anyone can learn a few chords or solos, but understanding how chords and scales work together is what will take your playing to the next level.

Learning to play is a result of staking your claim to a starting point, and charting your path, with a clear and concise destination in mind. After you have completed your training in the Guitar Fundamentals series, it's time to beef up the content to help shape your playing even further, and for that, we have created the Rock Blocks series. Rock Blocks assumes that you have already gotten your feet wet with the basics of the instrument, and are now ready to take control of your own musical future. We currently offer 2 modules, with more to come!

Here are just a few of the things that you will learn in Rock Blocks 1:
The Parts of the Electric Guitar
The Big 3 Chord Types(Power, Barre & Open Chords)
How to Read Guitar Tablature
Your First Jam Along
Dyads & Triads & more!

Rock Blocks 2 takes it even further. Here are just a few of the things that you will learn:

The Guitar Scale Survival Guide (The Pentatonics / The Blues / Major / Minor / Harmonic Minor, etc.)
How to Harmonize the Major Scale to build Chords and Scales
How to build 7 Chords (Major7, Minor7 and Dominant 7)
Crash Course in Slash Chords
How to use Chord Substitutions and much more!

There’s never been a better time to become the player that you’ve always wanted to be. Rock Blocks is just what the Doctor ordered, and it’s all part of your monthly membership of only $9.95. Sign up, log in, and dig into a Rock Block.

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