The Best Way to Learn About Australian Wildlife

Whether you live in the Gold Coast area or are planning to visit and would like to learn more about Australia's native wildlife, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offers wildlife courses that are the perfect combination of education and fun.

Arguably one of the top Gold Coast attractions, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been drawing locals and tourists for decades, teaching them about the exciting wildlife that calls the Gold Coast and other parts of Australia, home. But if a trip to the Sanctuary isn't enough to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, one of the courses they offer may be a great solution.

Courses for All Ages

At the Sanctuary, people of all ages can participate in various courses that are geared to their age and various types of wildlife. Here's what's available:

Eco Rangers - a great choice for an animal loving child! Kids, ages 6 to 12, can take the Eco Rangers course during the school holidays, learning about the various species at the Sanctuary.

 Aussie Wildlife Course - anyone who has ever thought they'd like to learn more about rescuing and caring for injured or orphaned wildlife will enjoy this course. The zoological team at the Sanctuary bring their knowledge and years of experience to teach those with an interest in caring for animals, as well as those looking to gain experience for their studies, etc.

Reptiles & Amphibians -  this course is suited for anyone who would like to learn about keeping and raising reptiles and amphibians.

Avian Husbandry - if your love for birds has you eager to learn more, this is the course for you! This is well suited for people who work in zoos or anyone interested in advancing their knowledge of raising birds and rehabilitating them, or who want to know more about hand rearing.

Other Programs:

In addition to the day or weeks long courses available, the Sanctuary also offers several programs for kids during the holidays, as well as excursions which are true learning experiences. If you are a teacher or a parent, enrolling your child or bringing your class to participate in one of the many educational and fun courses is time and money well spent.

For more information on any of the courses or programs offered at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, visit their website or contact them for more information. There's so much to discover at the Sanctuary which is home to a wide variety of native Australian species. Visit today!