Are Women Preventing Each Other From Becoming Nude and Practicing Self Love?

Guest Blog by: Patricia Anderson-Peters
Getting Nude and Practicing Self Love:
I am not a naturist. We'll begin there. Not for lack of desire to be really, I'd LOVE to be so free and uninhibited, but I Have not arrived there yet. Sad part isI'm 45 years old. I am not young either.
So as a reader you might be wondering why I am writing an article for the Nudist Portal web site. It is actually because of the condition that I am.
An article written by Felicity Jones titled Why Women Should See Other Women's Naked Bodies reminded me of the very first time that I got nude around other women.
It was a religious initiation weekend in Florida and I had worked myself into a dither for days knowing that I was going to be nakedaround other people. Every fear I'd carried around for over thirty years was taunting me and my two-child-later, gravity disabled breasts simply wanted to forget all about it.
When the time came and the other women stripped from their clothes, I really slowly joined them. I was so confident that each and every eye in the place was studying my my naked body, my stretch marks, my fat rollsand my not too pink and perkies.
In the long run, I couldn't have been more wrong. For the reason that circle, we were all the pretty much the same. We were all just a group of very spiritual women who had overcome enormous challenges to get where we were. We body painted one another with colors and symbols that reflected our journeys.
If anyone was eyeballing my areolas, wellthey were so clandestine about it that I simply never knew it.
Getting Naked From the Heart - Outside by Patricia Anderson
Where did this fear of becoming naked begin? This body loathing?
It seems to me that it can't be natural to be fearful of your lovers seeing you naked. A lot of women will say that their body issues come in the media and from the irrational desires that men have for the ideal female form. But looking back, I don't believe that is an entirely accurate assessment.
Self-image problems and body hatred did not begin with how the guys around me saw meit actually started with how the girls in my life saw me. It started with the powder room politics of puberty. Girls can be the most catty creatures on the planet in their teen years.
Let's be honest, ladies. It wasn't the men that did this to us. We slammed each other. We saved our money and bought Vogue and we starved ourselves to wear a size 1 pair of Guess jeans. Sadder still, we did it all to try to gain the endorsement of one another, not the sexual taste of the males around us. Guys do not buy the magazines they date the girls who do.
No two breasts are alike even on ONE body, even less so on more than one body!
There are perky breasts, saggy breasts, pink and brown nipples, large and small ones too. There are slim thighs, fat thighs, long and short legs. The anatomical parts and differences list is long and recognized, but it really is still simply a list of parts. A girl is more than the sum of her parts. She is heart, she's soul, she's experience, she's fluidity and she is dFKKmic.
If we could learn to value one another more than judging one another, the power that we've together is enough to break the negativity that has defined us for way too much time. We need to return to that Red Tent, body-painting Soul-Girl respect of who we are when we stand together, rather than ripping each other apart simply because we can.
More to the point, maybe it is time to take accountability for the fact that it's not the men in our world and it is not the media that's driving this inferior evaluation system that has cultivated a generation of eating disordered, emotionally violent girls. We did this. We did this to our sisters and we did this to ourselves. Perhaps we have to get nude women from your heartsout.
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