Laser Therapy: Treatment to Quit Smoking

The treatments to stop smoking are many. There are patches and herbal medicines to choose from. Now, people are willing to even pay thousands of dollars for the unique laser therapy that promises to offer instant relief.

Laser Therapy to Bid Smoking Farewell

Among the many treatments that have been designed to help people give up smoking, the latest therapy seems to be catching up fast, on popularity and effect. Laser treatment is easily available at most multifaceted, funded, and private medical facilities. A number of addicts have enrolled for the therapy. The laser treatment is commissioned by the Food and Drug Administration, and involves the use of low-power laser therapy. The smoking cessation via this method is safe and effective. A number of cured addicts pay testimony to this. The FDA consistently evaluates the treatment and the bio-stimulation lasers used for the therapy. The devices are used to help provide temporary pain relief during withdrawals and finally do away with the addiction. It is prominently recognized within the medical fraternity, mainly due to the accompanying counseling sessions and intake of vitamins.

The patients or smoking addicts are exposed to case-specific information via video marketing techniques and handouts. The sessions are case-specific, influenced largely by:

  • The patient's ability to pay for the treatment

  • The patient's level of addiction to smoking

  • The extent of withdrawals and understanding of the treatment

FDA regulations monitor the use of laser therapy to quit smoking. Governing authorities ensure that preliminary exposure to the therapy is offered at the investigational clinical analysis of every individual case. The clinical research and its effectiveness reveals that thousands of smokers have been able to successfully quit the tobacco tube. There are many testimonials and referrals accessible online as well as offline that vouch for the treatment's effectiveness.

How Does Laser Therapy Work

The newly researched and applied laser therapy basically comes from the ancient Asian healing art of acupuncture. The underlying principles are the same―reduce tension and increase circulation. It is believed to promote the release of endorphins. These natural chemicals are present in the human body, and are primarily responsible for signaling a reaction to stress and decreased energy. The laser used to administer the treatment is soft and literally like a light bulb. It is directed and applied to certain researched energy points. These points are related to the smoking addiction. It is an external procedure and has no scope for drug abuse. It is also non-thermal, and hence, very safe for application. It is applied to researched points on the hands, face, ears, and wrists. The patient feels nothing more than a warm, pulsating sensation.

What Doctors Think

Doctors the world over are now informing those who are eager to rid themselves of the addiction, about clinical research on low-level laser. The treatment takes the patient through the initial withdrawal from nicotine, and slowly conditions the psyche by boosting endorphin production. The alleviated stress enables the person to give up nicotine easily. The treatment is designed to help contribute positively to society and individual development by healing from within by understanding smoking effects, to self and others.

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