How to choose the right German dress for you?

How to choose the right German dress for you?

Lederhosen aren’t the only authentic German clothing you’ll find to wear for an Oktoberfest outfit.  A German dirndl, or dress, is what women need to celebrate their German heritage in the Bavarian Alpine regions of Germany.  Whether you want a contemporary sexy dirndl or a traditional Tracht dirndl, we’re here to help you pick the perfect German dress for you.


Step 1- German Import or USA made?


At European Fashion and Gifts we offer the latest fashion of German imported dirndls to keep you dressed like you just walked out of the trendiest stores. We also offer authentic Tracht dirndls in elaborate embroidery made in our Pennsylvania store.


Step 2- Select your size


Sizing for American-made dirndls are different that your everyday clothing. American dress sizes typically run one or two sizes larger than your everyday size. We have a sizing chart linked to the bottom of every dirndl page for reference. German imported dirndls are made using European dress sizes. We recommend buying one size larger than your American dress size.


Step 3- Don’t forget the accessories!


No ladies German costume is complete without an apron and blouse.  Both are necessities and will help you play the part of an authentic German.  Other accessories are optional and help accent your outfit like a hat, hat pins, socks and jewelry.  Whatever your Oktoberfest needs are, we’ll help you to look the part.

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