Accessory to make your Oktoberfest outfit complete

Accessory to make your Oktoberfest outfit complete

Now that you have your German dirndl and lederhosen, you’ll need a couple more things to make your Germanfest costume complete and to give you a genuine Bavaria outfit.


For the men, we suggest a button-down shirt.  Leather detailing on the placket (chest area where the buttons are) and tabs to hold the sleeves up when folded will give you an authentic German feel. Top your outfit off with a hat in a dark green or black Alpine style.  Lederhosen socks and shoes that tie on the side will make you a traditional German.


For the ladies, you’ll need a blouse to go under your dirndl. Typically short sleeved, German blouses are detailed with lace and provide the extra coverage you need to keep a modest look.  Aprons are also a necessity in order not to offend your German ancestry.  Jewelry is crucial to looking the part too.  Edelweiss necklace and earrings are an essential part of your Bavaria costume.


And of course, no Oktoberfest outfit is complete without a Beer Stein!  You can’t walk around town holding a can or bottle.  True Germans show their own unique tastes with a decorative beer stein.  Ladies steins can feature beautiful edelweiss while men’s steins feature drinking or hunting scenes.  German Crest Steins with cities and wildlife are perfect for anyone of any age… over 21, of course.


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