Albion Online Feedback From Players

Albion Online Feedback From Players

Feedback from the players was heard. Albion Online has been perfected for its release on July 17, 2017.


Many problems have been solved and improvements made. Albion Online has taken advantage of feedback from players testing Galahad. The developers of Sandbox Interactive have worked on the graphics and this is important. For a game on an open world, the graphic side counts a lot to move. The map is so detailed that when you zoom in, you can see the streams and all the reliefs. You can see underground passages, because in Albion Online you can sneak underground. 


Corrections have been made on Albion Online PvP territories to increase the number of players in these areas.


The outer part was made safe for small guilds and solo players. The central zone retains its function of GvG allowing to take advantage of the wealth and resources of the site for those who control the place. These areas will be further worked and are likely to be even more extensive for official release.


Sandbox, thanks to feedback, has thought of all players and those who do not have much playing time.


There is a system called "shipping" which gives you a PvE mission to complete in a given time. You can do it alone or as a group.


The interface has been optimized to adapt to all media, because let us not forget, Albion Online is the first multi-platform MMO.


There is still a lot to say, a lot to discover, and it will be for a next time. For now, we can say that Albion Online keeps its promises and cares about the opinions of its players. It's good to know that his opinion counts.