Beyond the world

Beyond the worldHello there I have been thinking of a suitable way to say this with consideration to the emotions of you all. I think you can never please anybody, this is my opinion if you do not like it, it is fine. They say variety is the spice of life but most us use it without applying it to our lives. Permit me to say that your imagination is as far as the experiences you may have had or the mental image created from a conversation or the movie you have watched or the book you have read, all this I have mentioned is only made available in your wall space. Try going beyond yourself and see variety to build a better picture. Take time out to visit the place you dream to live in, take time out to eat at the restaurant you hope that some day you will have Sunday dinner with your family in, take time out to price that car you love, a wise man advised that you can take a ride in it but make sure to return it, am just saying. Take time out to ask the kind of girl you want to marry out or better still take time out to be her friend, learning is not only restricted to the walls of a class room. Take time out to create the type of family you desire, do that today marriage is not a trial and error institution (my opinion). I will rest my case by saying I am better because I took the time out to see beyond my wall, to taste the world I desire and then create shock absorbers for the drama that comes with my desired life, whether we like it on not there are consequences for every spot we find out selves. Go beyond that wall today,what is the worst that could happen?