How to Rank Your Business on Google within the Fastest Time Using PBN

PBN stands for Private Blog Network and it is a powerful way of ranking your website, more specifically, the fastest way to rank your site nowadays.Most of the cases your keywods get optimized within 1 month.

I have been working as a SEO consultants for big SEO companies throughout USA and have found amazing results through PBN in 99% of the SEO cases.Today i will teach you how to create a PBN yourself as well as provide recommendations and information about how to hire a person in cheap to build it for you saving your valuable time.


Step 1: Researching expired domains.You can look for both general domains or relevant domains.It is said that a relevant backlink works 5 times more than a general one.This is a very time consuming process, there are short cut ways like:, but most of the domains can be found here are low qualified and not good for PBN. The solution is to go through tools like Xenu Link Stealth, scrapebox and scrape big sites and find such high quality domains that has been slipped from peoples eyes.

Step 2: Analyzing the domains. Look up for the domains that has at least 10+ DA and PA , and has a good trust and citation flow and of course, the most important thing is backlink profile.All you need is backlink juice , so you need to give most importance on Backlink profile.Be sure that the backlink profile and anchor text are not spam .

Step 3: Purchase the suitable domains.Hire an article writer and provide instruction.If you are hiring a SEO expert, he will do all of this.

Step 4: Get Hosting.You must have to hide your footprints from search engine.If search engine can find out that all of the domains belong to one person they may penalize PBN. It is not tough to hide the footprints.All you need to know the techniques, this is the reason we used to look up for an expert.To hide the footprint: enable whois privacy, use different theme, use different anchor text, different C-Class IP. Host Nine will provide you 100 of domains hosting opportunity within 25$/month - i have found it best cause it is not only the cheapest but also you can access all of your domains from only an account.

Step 5: Rebranding domains. Install different wordpress blogs, remove the footer, use your targeted keyword as anchor text and link back to your money site, fill out the meta contents.



To save your valuable time you can hire an expert from oDesk or elence .Among them odesk is my favorite platform .You will be able to hire an expert in a pretty cheap price here.Just sign up and post a job easily: . Of course , dont forget to verify your payment system before posting. It will help you to get job letters from high profile SEO persons.