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MAMMÚT @ FluxFM Bergfest 24.05.2017 FluxBau, Berlin 20:00 Uhr Eintritt frei Mammút has been making music together since they where 14 year old teens. In this time they have refined a sound that is saturated with heavy energy and sense of melody, something that comes to the fore in their live show, which is known for its intensity. While performing they radiate with confidence and they seem to bring you an inner freedom. Mammút gained national attention with their third and latest album "Komdu til mín svarta systir" (2013), which won them the Icelandic Music Awards for best album and was ranked #1 in all major newspapers in Iceland, as well as their song "Salt" being awarded as best song of the year.

Mammút • FluxFM Bergfest • Fluxbau • Berlin

We’ve started into the new Ja Ja Ja season with a sold out FluxBau. Now we’re super excited for another fabulous evening taking place on April 12th with you and three up-and-coming nordic artists. Spotlight on for Danish trio IRAH, Finnish singer/songwriter Mikko Joensuu and Icelandic electro-pop outfit aYia. Live: IRAH (DK) Mikko Joensuu (FIN) aYia (IS) + special guest DJ will spin some tunes for guests at the show! IRAH IRAH is a Copenhagen-based trio consisting of Stine Grøn (vocals), Adi Zukanovic (synth) and Matias Wolf Andreasen (drums). IRAH makes a particular brand of alternative pop inspired by everything from traditional ceremonial music to modern melodic songwriting. The three members find creative power in their spiritual awareness and their music have a truly unique ability to both create feelings of unity with the audience as well as a sense of being part of something bigger. Stine Grøn’s beautiful vocals are always the focus but it’s the magical and intuitive interaction between the three that creates their intense rich sound. With their debut single ‚Into Dimensions‘ the trio gained international succès d’estime, The Line of Best Fit described it as an ‚unbelieveable, epic debut single‘ and certified the band huge potential. With their album, also entitled ‚Into Dimensions‘, they present us an ample insight into heir atmospheric and hypnotizing world of sounds. Mikko Joensuu With a voice which wobbles unsteadily, recalling Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, Joensuu immediately exposes a vulnerability in his music, a crack into which seeps doubt, loneliness and a questioning of higher powers." - The Line of Best Fit Finnish singer-songwriter Mikko Joensuu easily sets himself apart from the mass. His debut album ‚Amen 1‘ is coined by vulnerable folk songs in Josh T. Pearson- and Leonhard Cohen-style. On ‚Amen 2‘ Joensuu demonstrates his despair more diverse. The long, euphoric tracks remind of My Bloody Valentines Shoegaze-sounds or Spiritualizeds Space-Gospel – plus a pinch of vitality. This year Joensuu will accomplish the trilogy with ‚Amen 3‘. aYia In English, bands are usually referred to as the plural “they.” But when it comes to aYia, “it” feels more appropriate. The band’s sudden appearance in October 2016 felt like the arrival of a new entity - or the discovery of a new place - more than the launch of a project by three individuals. It materialised quietly, as if out of nowhere, the faces of the people behind the music shrouded beneath hoods and hidden in shadows. The presentation felt purposeful, and it was immediately apparent that aYia was something with a personality all of its own. With the recent release of Ruins, 2017 is proving to be an exciting year. Sign up via for discounted entry to shows, exclusive offers and competitions and more! To gain better insight into who is responsible for the band selection at Ja Ja Ja, these are the members of the Ja Ja Ja booking group: Alexandra Bondi de Antoni (i-D G