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Gabi A Girl In Pieces Pdf Download



.more flag 2 likesLike see review . Dec 20, 2014 Samantha Tai rated it it was ok review of another edition Shelves: morris-award, 2014, 2015-morris-non-fiction-challenge, yalsa-hub-challenge-2015 Told in diary format, Gabi chronicles the events that occur during her senior year of high school. All these points relate to her "fatness." Gabi describes herself as fat, but really without any malice. Her dad is addicted to meth, her best friend gets pregnant, she is caught up in college applications, and she can't stop thinking about food, all the glorious food. I was interested and really hoping that this book would deliver. I'm so proud of Gabi for fighting back and wanting to fix this issue.Her relationship with her mother and brother point this up perfectly, and it was the same issue I had with my own family. She points out how all of the female body parts have been objectified or labeled as "dirty," when really they're just parts of our body and not inherently bad. Her quiet confidence about her college acceptance never waivers despite a boatload of personal tragedy.


At first I had a hard time adjusting to Gabi's voice. The cover is a little painful, though it makes more sense when you see Gabi's zine. And if you arent (or werent), still stop what youre doing and read this book.Gabi is a girl; a gordita; a guera (not really, shes just often confused as one since she looks white). There are ups and downs with the relationships, but they're awkward and amusing, rendered in a way that's absolutely 17/18-year-old teen girl. Gabi is just a girl who faces very real problems and discovers that she had the strength inside her to overcome it. I read the book last year, but listened to the audio version this year as part of the Young Adult Library Services Association's (YALSA) Hub Challenge. I highly recommend this book to all teens, and any parents of teens or soon-to-be teens. And even though I have nothing in common with Gabi culturally or even the experiences that she goes through, 17-year-old me would have strongly identified with her.


flag 7 likesLike see review . It's an interesting story if you like to learn more about Mexican culture. Yet like Gabi, I was the straight A student, the one who never got in trouble, the one who was college-bound to a prestigious university, while my brother had no such aspirations. Her words are sharp and to the point and youll want to pick up a poetry collection immediately after finishing this book (Ill be gushing aboutone particular, exciting collection later this week, stay tuned!).The language use is wonderfully done as well, Im glad theres no glossary and hardly any translations. Total Download : . It was quite enjoyable to listen to, though I think my criticisms below still stand.And, SPOILER ALERT, the treatment of her friend Cindi's rape is kind of bizarre, as before we find out that she's been raped by the boy who got her pregnant, she is joking with Gabi about her first time, how dirty the guy's car was, and that she thought she had a Cheerio in her butt while they were having sex. Pepper (my favorite thinking foods)I am going to make another zine soon about one of my most favoritist of favorite foods: tacos. Gabi's voice is fresh and funny, even amid the exceptionally tough things going on in her life. Definitely not subtle in any way. A detailed review will follow.

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