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The TV rights to communicate National Football Alliance (NFL) recreations are the most lucrative and costly privileges of any American game. TV brought proficient football into unmistakable quality in the present day period after World War II. From that point forward, National Football Class communicates have progressed toward becoming among the most-watched projects on American TV, and the money related fortunes of whole systems have laid on owning NFL broadcasting rights. This has brought up issues about the unbiasedness of the systems' scope of diversions and whether they can scrutinize the NFL without dread of losing the rights and their pay.

Since the 1960s, all customary season and playoff recreations communicate in the Assembled States have been circulated by national telecom companies. Until the communicate contract finished in 2013, the earthly telecom companies CBS ($3.73B), NBC ($3.6B) and Fox ($4.27B) — and also satellite TV's ESPN ($8.8B) — paid a consolidated aggregate of US$20.4 billion[1] to communicate NFL amusements. From 2014 to 2022, similar systems will pay $39.6 billion for a similar communicate rights.[2] The NFL therefore holds communicate contracts with four organizations (CBS Enterprise, Comcast, 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Organization/Hearst Company, individually) that control a joined dominant part of the nation's TV item. Alliance possessed NFL Organize, on satellite TV, likewise communicates a chose number of diversions broadly.

Under the present contracts, territorially demonstrated amusements on Sunday evenings are broadcast on CBS and Fox, which essentially convey diversions of AFC and NFC groups separately (the gathering of the albama group decides the telecaster of an interconference amusement). Broadly broadcast consistent season amusements on Sunday and Monday evenings are publicized on NBC and ESPN, separately, while NBC, CBS and NFL Organize share Thursday night recreations amid the customary season. Amid the postseason, ESPN show one diversion, NBC affectation two, while CBS and Fox air whatever remains of the AFC and NFC recreations, separately. The Super Bowl pivots yearly among CBS, Fox, and NBC starting at free nfl streams 2007.

NFL preseason broadcasts are more in accordance with the other real games associations' consistent season broadcasts: preseason broadcasts are all the more privately created, ordinarily by a neighborhood member of one of the above earthbound TV stations. Some preseason amusements will air broadly, nonetheless. Under the NFL's against siphoning rules for link diversions, these stations more often than not will air simulcasts of ESPN and additionally NFL Arrange amusements in their nearby markets if the neighborhood group is playing.