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A Night Like This $10 cover $11 under 21

A Night Like This-A tribute to The Cure

Semon Demon Prepare yourself for large rabid tadpoles with legs and a funk that will stain your clothes for at least two weeks. Semon Demon is here to take you away to a wondrous land full of wedlock bastard children and blood tainted cum. Yikes! Influenced by Propaghandhi, NOFX, Ride the Lightning era Metallica and a dash of Pennywise, they combine fiery punk riffs, thrash guitar and melodic vocals that result in a catchy, uptempo, heavy brand of punk. Their fast paced songs make for a high energy fun live show. Yikes! has currently recorded a 2 song EP entitled "This EP Kills Hipsters" and has shared the stage with many great local and national acts. They plan on releasing a series of splits and building a regional following over the next year. Bottom of the Food Chain We are an inspiring 3 piece Hispanic punk/ska/reggae from Texas. Influences are motivation, banging, beer, and banging The Awful Lot Es not pinin! Es passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! Es expired and gone to meet is maker! Es a stiff! Bereft of life, e rests in peace! If you hadnt nailed im to the perch ed be pushing up the daisies! Is metabolic processes are now istory! Es off the twig! Es kicked the bucket, es shuffled off is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!! Poor Dumb Bastards Were Poor Dumb Bastards from Houston Texas, FUCK YOU!!!!

One Big Ass Punk Show!

James Byron Wood returns to B Money Beaumont to celebrate his 48th Birthday by booking a night of the local artists he liked before he left, and some of the acts that have started up, changed or evolved since then. Come check out the 409s Finest Bringin the Funk and Slingin the Punk! SCHEDULED TO APPEAR (So Far...) 7pm Jacob McGreevy 7:30 pm Rob Wellz 8pm 409 Gang Showcase Hosted by Karl Dunmore Starring Tum Trapper A Hustle and 2 Real 8:30 Band TBA 9:30 409 Chapter Showcase With Special Guests Crush Harris and Philthee 10pm Band TBA 11 pm 2 Throwed MIndz Showcase with Special Guest Artists TBA 11:30 pm The Ron Jeremies 1am Sylent Atlantis Showcase With Special Guests ZIG and C Dale

Biggie Killed Bambi: the Great Rap N Roll $windle

9:00-9:45pm Nebethet 10:00-10:45pm Motorbud Motorbud is a bluesy, heavy rock band from Southeast Texas with sounds similar to Black Sabbath, Clutch, & Corrosion Of Conformity - 11:00pm Black Titan Stoner/Sludge from Mobile Al. 4 crazy assholes from Mobile making music heavier than a fat chick with a mouth full of pork rinds.

Black Titan*Motorbud*Nebethet

The 13th Victim Austin based punk band with battle scars and loud guitars! The Real McCoys The Real McCoys out of Houston combine folk-punk with Celtic influences for a rowdy bar or any revolution-ready extravaganza. Their recent release, Folk Drunk, opens with the anthemic “Folk Drunk Freegans” and the name pretty much says it all. The Real McCoys tend to focus more on partying than politics, covering the joys of self-abuse from gl