4k Tv Watching 1080p On Computer

4k tv watching 1080p on computer


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IDC about game contentDriveclub looks absolutely amazing upscaled, as does BloodborneRemember those 4 squares occupy the same amount of physical space as 1 pixel on a normal native 1080p screen and it's still just one single colorWhile the 4K content isnt there right now, it seems to be gaining a little steam after not making much progress throughout 2014 MGsubbie, Apr 12, 2014 HardcoreHector Gamer, YouTuber, Blogger Joined: Aug 23, 2010 Messages: 27,102 Location: Lodi, CA Date Posted: Apr 13, 2014 #2 Obviously it won't look like the native 4K, but I hear a lot of reports of it not looking TOO bad since it's exactly 4x the pixels of a 1080p screenI can probably count on one hand the members on this board that even know how to tweak their rig enough to possibly sport post a YouTube video on what you are referring to as "benchmarks"Get downloadable ebooks for free! Get geeky trivia, fun facts, and much moreNow there is a catch, and no it's not to do with what some are saying (the people blindly saying that any non-native res has the same problem)You are right that 1920x1080 is the same resolution regardless of size, but we're talking about 1920x1080 resolution being rendered on a screen that is 3840x2160

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