Mlp Season 4 Episode 3 Hd 1080p

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mlp season 4 episode 3 hd 1080p


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Amazon.comEach represents a different face of friendship, and Twilight discovers herself to be a key part of the magical artifacts, the "Elements of Harmony"Though the trip starts out uneventful, complications arise once their wagon breaks down and forces them to travel down a river, where bickering between the Apples further stymies their travels until they are eventually redirected over a waterfall31, 2014"Annoyed by her antics, Applejack impersonates Rarity in retaliation, causing Rarity to realize her own foolish behavior and return to her original theme in time for the festivalRetrieved 2013-12-12Shortly after leaving, Applejack has second thoughts and returns home, her sudden appearance startling Apple Bloom into making an accidental messThe next morning, Applejack finds that her crops are still being eaten despite Twilight's spell still being in effect86 21 "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3" Jayson Thiessen (co-directed by Jim Miller) Amy Keating Rogers April5,2014(2014-04-05) 422 0.58[31] Twilight worries that Rainbow Dash is unprepared for a test on the history of the Wonderbolts as part of her entrance exam to join the Wonderbolts Reserves.After Soarin crashes and injures his wing, Spitfire and Fleetfoot goad Rainbow Dash into filling in for him


17, 2014"overall No82 17 "Somepony to Watch Over Me" Jayson Thiessen (co-directed by Jim Miller) Scott Sonneborn March8,2014(2014-03-08) 417 0.63[27] Apple Bloom's family agrees that she is old enough to stay alone at the farm while the three of them go on various errands, including pie deliveries, across EquestriaThe ponies learn they must defeat the supervillain Mane-iac to escape the comic, but their clumsiness with their newfound powers leaves all but Spike trapped24, 2014"Retrieved 2013-09-28Retrieved 2014-02-13Yearling finish the book fasterSoon, all of the Crusaders' classmates befriend the three, hoping to meet Twilight themselvesCake Brenda Crichlow as Zecora Nicole Oliver as Cheerilee Chantal Strand as Diamond Tiara Shannon Chan-Kent as Silver Spoon Lee Tockar as Snips Richard Ian Cox as Snails Veena Sood as MsTwilight and her friends enter the forest with the Elements, believing the tree to be in dangerBy using Dailymotion, you are giving your consent to our cookie managementKidscreen: 3334"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Exclusive clip from season 3's royal finale"viewers (millions) 66 1 "Princess Twilight Sparkle" (Part 1) Jayson Thiessen (co-directed by Jim Miller) Meghan McCarthy November23,2013(2013-11-23) 401 0.73[11] Twilight Sparkle struggles to adjust to her new wings and duties as a princess while she prepares for the Summer Sun Celebration away from her friendsShe encounters a hungry chimera in a swamp and does her best to protect herself and the pies until Applejack, upon discovering the ruse, arrives and rescues herxAdvertising ConsoleCopy to clipboard00:0000:0000:00•::Space↑↓mfEsc→←Shift→Shift←0-9→← My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Season 4 Ep.24 - Equestria Games (HD.WEB-DL.ColorCorrected) (TEMP) Opnieuw postenLike door Vanessakwells Volgen 365 44 552 views TweetThe night before Rarity is to deliver outfits to singer Sapphire Shores in Canterlot, Sweetie Belle spitefully sabotages one of the pieces

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