All About The Processes From Extraction To New Jersey Hair Transplants

All About The Processes From Extraction To New Jersey Hair Transplants

With the development in medical science, the process of New Jersey Hair Transplants has improved a lot and now it is less painful, and provides excellent results in a very short time. To extract healthy hair follicles, at first a donor site is selected which can be at the back or side of your head, and then the dissection process starts with the latest tools and in the state of the art process room. The strip containing the hair follicles is separated into different sections. This is done by slicing through it to take out the tissues that do not contain any hair around the healthy hair follicles. This process is known slivering and creates sections which are 2 to 2.5 mm in width. 

Working On The Follicular Units  

The work on the healthy follicular units starts with isolating them by the dissector. This instrument trims the non-hair bearing tissue which is made of fat and dermis. Depending on the number of naturally occurring hair, the follicular units are now grouped and each may contain 1 to 4 follicular units. When grouping is complete, these units are preserved is a special medicated solution and is refrigerated at 40 degrees Fahrenheit so that the tissue remains healthy for New Jersey Hair Transplants. When the recipient site is ready, the follicular groups are taken out from the fridge, temperature is raised to 59 degrees to make it placement ready.

Creation of Recipient Sites

The recipient site is also created with extreme care and caution. According to the requirement of follicular units to be placed in the recipient areas, very thin needle like and short slits are made. This process needs utmost hand control, precision and aesthetics as the surgeon has to maintain the proper angle and direction of the growth of the hair follicle after New Jersey Hair Transplants. Special care is taken for transplants in the more visible areas like the crown, temple, sideburns and even the eyebrows. Incisions are made as close as possible to each other to reduce the chances of scarring. It also increases the flow of oxygen to the new grafts and thereby reduces the time for healing.

The Care Taken   

This is to prevent any damaging of the blood vessels inside the scalp. The spacing and density of incisions are done after taking care of several other factors. These include the area to be covered, required density on the area, size and amount of the follicular units, quality of the skin and health so that it can support the grafts and much more during New Jersey Hair Transplants. All these efforts resultin a bunch of beautiful, natural and healthy hair.

Special Feathering Method

This is another special method which is followed in which the micro-variations of the natural hairline are reproduced. It gives a softer and healthy appearance of the hair. Rows of follicular units are placed near the hairline in increasing number behind each one to give the proper density.Extreme care is taken throughout the process and the depth of each incision is calculated precisely. For more information visit Our Website